hey friends, just thought i would make a post to say that as it turns out i don’t really have time for tumblr what with this whole university thing :( maybe next term when i’m not doing four modules?

i might check people’s blogs or make a post now and then but i probably won’t be looking at my dashboard or reblogging things 


Coeur De Pirate - Aurora’s Theme - Child Of Light


Michelle Morin

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there is the most beautiful person in my latin seminar group…

\o/ i played quidditch today \o/

hey, i moved into my student accommodation on saturday and i only recently got my internet sorted out. everything is kind of terrifying but i’m ok, and i’m looking forward to my lectures starting. not sure how much i’ll be on yet though


Yesterday was the first day of my residency at @hurricaneisland - spent the day exploring the Coastal Trail and sketched some mushrooms!

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Fake book covers, celebrating 19th century women writers.

4 of these books are in my top ten, but I suggest you read them all.


Jensen’s acting: portraying interest in something deemed socially frowned upon based on people’s perception of him, and then faking ambivalence to said interest, becoming shifty eyed, edgy and eventually panicky as he runs from the situation.  

I like to call this Jensen’s “overcompensation” technique.



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Liz Climo on Tumblr.

this really cheered me up

The octopus


Sarah Manning + outfits in Natural Selection