HP meme: nine characters
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But what I wanna know is why the Bent-Winged Snitches are considered a controversial band.


Can we just imagine that Harry, Ron, and Hermione are all used to Rita’s shit at this point that they’re amused by it all. So when ever they find another one of her articles about them, they have a drinking game where they all get together and read the article out loud.

"Alright, she’s called me The Chosen One twice now. That’s two shots for me."

"Ooh, look! She’s still using the TriWizard Tournament. Shots all around. Still holding on to the femme fatale theory, I don’t think she’s ever going to let that go. At least she’s left Hugo and Rose out of it this time.”

"She’d be a nutter not to Hermione, not after that Howler you sent her the last time. Either way, do I get a shot for every family member or just me? Because If I have to drink for all of them, I don’t think Neville’s going to be the one with a drinking problem in the next Prophet."

Oh, look at that face! So nice to squeeze it again.


Joseph Mallord William Turner, Vignette Study of a Ship in a Storm, c. 1826-36. Watercolour on paper, 18 x 22.7 cm. Tate Britain, London.



Cueva de los Manos is a series of caves located in Santa Cruz, Argentina containing one of the oldest examples of cave art, dating up to 13,000 years ago. The silhouettes of the inhabitants’ hands were made by spray painting against bone stencils. Representations of the sun, hunting scenes, geometric patterns and animals can also be seen. 

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aubergines are so underrated


Luna and Cho /talking/ about nargles during class. I can’t write dialogues lmao I really want this (friend)ship to exist. 


Jun Kumaori



zombies, huh

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I wanted to post a little update concerning the modern Romeo & Juliet I’m working on. I tried to put some text but I thought making it a ‘mute’ comic could be interesting ! This is page 2, out of 5 !

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Cumulus Consonance Study 1 by Scott Naismith



Stuart Dakin: complacent fuck.